Driver Installation


Important Note:


The Driver is only needed for old Aimon products.

All the newer Venom-X and Venom-X4 DO NOT need driver, Windows system will install appropriate driver automatically. 



Click on the PDF icon below to download the driver installation guide in PDF format:    

   Driver Installation Guide in PDF format:            logo   (700KB)


  Press to download the Driver Installation Guide video:    download-images-1    (9.6MB)   



Driver Installation Guide

1. DO NOT plug in your receiver dongle before install driver.
    Click and run the Aimon Driver installer file. 
    Except in Windows XP, you have to run the Aimon Driver Installer as "ADMINISTRATOR" user when you are in other windows     system.


64bit_driver_install-1.jpg   Press "Next to" continue 


64bit_driver_install-2.jpg  Press "Install" to continue


2. Follow the prompt message, press and hold the receiver dongle button while plug into your PC USB port to enter Setup Mode.


The system will install driver for your Receiver, wait until it is finished, then go the next step.

You may prompt to re-plugin dongle depending on the system, follow the prompt as below.




3. Windows will verify the software publisher, select the “Install this driver software anyway”.


4. Now you driver installation is finished.


To verify the driver is installed properly:
Right click on “My Computer” -> "Properties” -> "Device Manager” -> “Human interface devices", depending on which product
it is, you should find the product name “AIMON PS(TM)”, "AIMON PS ELITE(TM)", "AIMON XB(TM)" or "AIMON XB ELITE(TM)”
appeared. Now your driver is installed properly.



If you dont' find that the device name appears in "Human Interface Device” category, your driver is not installed correctly, try again from the beginning or contact our support team for assistance.