Venom-X4 PS5 support note


For Venom-X4 user to play PS5 games on the new Playstation 5 console, Tuact released the firmware V6.0.2 BETA.

With the new Venom-X4 firmware V6.0.2 beta, you would need a 3rd party PS4 controller attached.

This is because PS5 console encrypts the USB data stream, none of the DualShock4 and DualSense5 controller can't be used for

controller port licensing, they both can't be used on Venom-X4 for PS5 games although the DS4 controller still can be used for

PS4 games on PS5.

Tuact now come up with a solution to allow Venom-X4 user to be able to play the PS5 game. There is a PS4 compatible 3rd party

controller to attach to the Venom-X4 transceiver instead of DS4 or DS5 controllers.

The firmware V6.0.2 now supports some of the 3rd party controller listed below: 


1. Hori PAD4  for PS4 :                             


2. Hori PAD4 Plus controller for PS4: 


3. Hori Fight Commander for PS4:           


4. Hori Mini gamepad for PS4:              Recommended (cheaper option)


5. Hori ONYX Plus Wireless:                    Recommend for Headset supporting

     Note:   The Hori ONYX have two models, the model without Plus doesn't have wired data capability, it can't be used with Venom X4 on PS5.

                   Make sure to get the "Plus" version.


6. NACON Wired Compact for PS4:        Supports headset 



The Venom-X4 with 3rd party PS4 controller would work on PS4 mode, you should chose PS4 platform and PS4 game profile

when configuring with the Setup software and Android App.


If you find any problem or have questions, please email to our support at このメールアドレスはスパムボットから保護されています。閲覧するにはJavaScriptを有効にする必要があります。, we would get it resolved

and answered as soon as possible.