Software Relase Notes



Venom-X Setup Software Releases:


1. Ver 1.0.4   (2013-12-20)      The first released version.

2. Ver 1.0.5   (2014-2-20)        Added the Easy setup mode for user to fast and easily configure settings.

                                                      Fixed the issue of un-expected error code when Windows is installing driver.


3. Ver 1.1.0   (2014-3-14)        Added the setup windows for PS4 console.

4. Ver 1.2.0   (2014-4-22)        Changed the mouse speed adjustment in configuration windows that the Y axis

                                                       speed to be the ratio of X axis speed.

                                                       Removed the Default button, the default is coming with each game instead of

                                                       fixed factory default, the Download button is used for each game defualt settings.

                                                       Removed the Save button, the Save As button would save all current settings

                                                       to selected profile instead of saving the portion of the profile with Save button.


5. Ver 1.3.0   (2014-5-28)        Fixed a bug that the "Firmware Upgrade Success" mssage pops up too early while

                                                        the profile updating still in progress. If user polls out his device just right after

                                                        the message is poped up, then the device would not have functions anymore. 



6. Ver 1.3.1   (2014-7-15)        Fixed a bug that won't update firmware version nor re-detect mouse after Venom

                                                     mouse firmware upgrade. 

                                                     Fixed the bug causes the slider bar doesn't align with cursor. 



7. Ver 3.0.0_Beta   (2014-7-29)        The first beta firmware of 1:1 Tuact Guidence System(TGS) 



8. Ver 3.2.0       (2014-9-24)        Revised for supporting the Speed Up function and Speed Up button mapping .

                                                          The Mouse speed range extended to 6.0.

                                                          The ADS speed extended to 0.5-2.5


9. Ver 3.2.1     (2015-7-10)         The profile list increaed to unlimte games. 

                                                         Support "auto speed up" mode profile for some games such as Destiny.

                                                            (Need firmare upgraded to Ver 3.2.1 or above).




Venom-P Setup Software Releases:


1. Ver 1.0.4   (2016-3-15)      The first released version.