Software Instructions


The  following links are for the Tuact product Software Instruction download. The Instructions are in the pdf format that needs Adobe Acrobat Reader to

open. If you don't have the Acrobat Reader installed on your PC, please click this link to download and install it on your PC before you download the Manuals.

Please note that, as all Tuact products are intelligent devices that have many features, so it is important to read the Instruction carefully before using it.






       Venom-X4 Setup Software Instructions for Windows (English, 2017-1-18)       

          Venom-X4 Setup Software upgrades (English, updated on 2018-9-1)             


         Venom-X4 Setup Software Instructions for Windows (Polish, 2017-2-3)             



         APP V3.0 Instructions for Android (English, Updated on 2018-9-1)                  

         APP V1.2 Instructions for Android (Polish, 2017-2-3)                                                 






         (TGS version, 2014-9-24)        logo  (Older version, 2014-4-21)




         (English, 2016-3-15)






      logo   (1.3MB)