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TOPIC: Battlefield 3 Input Lag

Battlefield 3 Input Lag 9 years 9 months ago #6145

I thought I'd share my experiences with you guys...

Firstly, this is a known Issue, and DICE are looking into it.
Secondly, this can be compounded upon...
Thirdly, Here's the battlelog forum link... http://getsatisfaction.com/battlefield3/topics/input_lag_on_ps3_large_number_of_people_affected

So here goes...

This was my initial post on the subject...Shadow_Rusty wrote:
Is it possible that as this game is 30fps, it is causing the TV to drop into 'Movie' mode or something??
I definately have no issues with any other fps I play, and like everyone else, 576p is smooth as...
I'm going to try a few setting tonight...
1. Set tv into 'pc mode' which should disable any post processing / motion flow tech
2. Disable multi audio out (I use the sony wireless stereo headset anyway)
3. Try different hdmi cable / port
4. Anything else I can think of...

There has to be a reason this doesn't affect ALL players...

Here's my findings... Which I posted very quickly whilst playing...Shadow_Rusty wrote:

Hi guys... I turned off Motion Plus / True Motion / Whatever It's called on the TV, and 90% of the lag is now gone... I can only assume it was due to the 30fps making the smoothing work harder...

Then I expanded on it this morning...Shadow_Rusty wrote:
To put my experience into perspective...
WIth the "TruMotion" turned on on my LG 42" 42LD560 LCD TV, I have about 500 milli second delay.
With it turned off, I have under 100 milli second delay...

This is a massive difference...

Now with your XBox vs PS3 comparrison, are they both using the same HDMI Port / Cable / Settings??
Also, does the XBox actually output at 30fps, or does it double the frames to make 60fps which on my tv wouldn't kick in the TruMotion...
Foxty wrote:
it's not a tv's problem ! i play BF3 on 360 and ps3 on the same tv, same setting, same controller (XIM3+adapter). On 360 > No problem, it's absolutly great but on PS3 > Input Lag / delay, impossible to play
Whilst this is an issue with the game, I think it's compounded even more because it's the only game I have (out of 40) that has such a consistently low framerate that it switches the TV into TruMotion...

Yes, even with TruMotion turned off, it's still 'laggier' than BC2, but only just, and no where near as bad as it was, and it certainly is now VERY playable...

Also similar experience from another user...Sion_26 wrote:
Finnaly no lag fore me (TV Philipls 40 full hd, all Motion features turned off, hdmi 2 is in game cosole mode. Also "game" in smart TV video settings.
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Re:Battlefield 3 Input Lag 9 years 9 months ago #6149

Here is a good overview I wrote about the control issues for the PS3 version of this game.,..

There are at least 4 control issues with this game...

1. The low fps is causing some tv's to go into ultra smoothing / trumotion mode.
2. There is slight input lag in the game engine.
3. THere are the slow speed aiming to fast speed aiming transition jerkyness.
4. The 'deadzone' on the joystick is too sensative for some users.

Most people can adjust to 2,3,4 whilst 1 is a game killer.
That said, 2,3,4 should be looked into as well and quickly as it will bring everyone onto a level playing field.

The problem is, noone is clearly defining which issue they are experiencing...
Personally, 1 was the killer for me, which I have now resolved (turned off trumotion).
2 is still affecting me, but it's livable compared to 1.
3,4 are not really an issue for me (Thank You Fragnstein), as this is just a game 'feeling' thing and every fps feels different to play.
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Re:Battlefield 3 Input Lag 9 years 9 months ago #6195

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1. This is not unique to BF games. Having your TV set with all its functions on will make gaming slower, period. I dont know how people just ignore their TV settings for "gaming"...

2. Some games are just created with more realism, as in a heavier "weight" to the game. This weightiness (ex: Killzone) makes the player feel like they are carrying the actual heavy armor, weapons or gadgets. Whereas other games like COD aim for an arcade-like super-light super-soldier, which makes it play so "fast". There is no technical statistics to measure exactly how much weight or sluggishness each game was created with, so we will never know. From past BF games, it certainly felt like there was more weight when compared to say, COD, but less than say, Killzone. You say the Xbox works fine but not the PS3. Is there proof or just a "feeling"?

3. Input lag is created by many things, so we can't just expect it all to go away with a game patch. Your HDTV alone is a notorious culprit of input lag. Wireless appliances. Batteries. Mouse pad. Good ol' latency (internet lag). The biggest one though, by far, is just connecting online. You can never have a perfect connection, so there will always be lag whether you think you can fix it or not.

4. You say, "about a 500 millisecond lag" etc. How did you come to this conclusion? Did you sit and test it with a synchronized computer and Rock Band 2? If not, well...

5. Every thing I said may be complete bullshit, and maybe indeed there is some coded input lag for BF3 PS3. So what? If that's the case, everyone playing PS3 has the same setbacks right? The point is, learn to adapt. The game doesnt feel as smooth as say COD for me, but I have learned to do very well in this game. If its more sluggish or "laggy", then adjust your playstyle.

Not trying to be a dick, but there are not always perfect solutions to everyone's problem. I dont think BF3 feels perfect, but I am loving my experience overall with the game and will not let a tiny issue like this ruin my fun. I aint no noob either; I'm competitive and do well.

Anyways, the TV "Game" settings should solve most of the problems IMO, but there are still other factors to consider.
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Re:Battlefield 3 Input Lag 9 years 9 months ago #6212

OK Here Goes...

1. My tv has been set to game since day 1.
2. No other ps3 game I've played has had half a second of input lag with those settings.
3. Even on game mode, LG tv's still have TruMotion set on high.
4. Turning off TruMotion has resolved 90% of my issues.
5. This was happening in single player campaign too, so online lag is not part of the issue.
6. BF3 is a 30 frames per second game, so the TV seems to react very differently on it.
7. This is not about the 'feeling' of the game. This is about moving the controller and waiting half a second for the screen to move which causes you to 'over aim' and then 'over correct'.
8. No I haven't measured my lag accurately, but others have, and my delays were very similar to theirs.

Here's a great video of the lag some people are experiencing...
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Re:Battlefield 3 Input Lag 9 years 9 months ago #6229

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So anyways, I guess I'm still confused as to the purpose of the thread.

PS3 may have input lag for BF3. DICE may or may not fix it. Some people may or may not be able to decrease it slightly by changing some TV settings.

Is that about the gist?

I think my other point is still important, and one which all of those 587 responses on the feedback thread are missing. Perhaps it feels a little sluggish compared to other FPS games, but the game is clearly playable and enjoyable (of course, these are individual opinions). Calling it "broken" is going overboard.

You're not going to get any accurate specs about the problem from users on this forum, I'm afraid. DICE knows about the problem, then it's up to them to fix it. In the time being all you can do is either play and enjoy the game or, don't.

If there is something specific you are asking for, I guess I didn't understand what it was.
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Re:Battlefield 3 Input Lag 9 years 9 months ago #6232

I created this topic to explain to others what has happened to me with this game, and to show what steps I took to minimize the issue.

And yes, I know the difference between input lag, and heavy controls.

The problem with this game is it has both...

Heavy controls I can live with, but input lag ruins the game experience.

Nothing stinks more than trying to aim, screen doesn't move, so you aim so more, then it moves to the correct spot, so you stop moving, and it just keeps on moving past it.
Sure you can 'adapt' a little, but with over half a second of input lag, shooting on the move or shooting a moving target is near impossible.

An no this is not the first FPS I've played...
I've been playing FPS's since before the Original BF1942... Probably even earlier than the original Wolfenstein 3d.

I've also played quite a few different ones on the ps3, Ghost Recon 2, Vegas 1 & 2, BF BC2, BF 1943, Resistance 1 & 2, Killzone 2, and a few others I don't have anymore and can't remember.
Yet, BF3 is the ONLY one that I've had to change tv settings for, and the only one with such a large ammount of input lag.
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Re:Battlefield 3 Input Lag 9 years 9 months ago #6241

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I'm not insulting your intelligence, but there is clearly a very fine line between what we know to be "input lag" from outside sources, and the "heaviness" that games like Killzone have. A player not knowing the full background could very easily and justifiably say that Killzone has input lag, which in a sense is true. But this is intentional input lag created by the software designers.

So really, again, how are we to know exactly how much "heaviness" the game was programmed with? I would greatly like to see the accurate statistics of the Xbox gamers claiming the PS3 has 500 milliseconds more input lag, since that is a very big claim. Are there screenshots with proof? Or is this just "I heard from someone who said another guy said another guy tested this..." type of thing? Making accusations is one thing. Having actual proof to back it up is another.

I'm not denying that input lag may exist. But again, how many people are experiencing it? Is it every PS3 BF3 player? Is it a few hundred people with the same TV models? Or what?
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Re:Battlefield 3 Input Lag 9 years 9 months ago #6243

The difference between bf3 and killzone is that when you stopm aiming/moving in killzone, you actually stop. In bf3 it keeps aiming/moving for a small ammount of time, and this is input lag.
Also, the input lag on xbox and pc are significantly lower than on ps3, so it's not a game design issue, it's an implementation issue.

There are lots of video reviews that clearly show the difference between xbox and ps3 as far as input lag is concerned. Now they are on the same tv, with the same settings, and the xbox always wins.
Even with the tv set 'properly' the xbox input lag is still smaller and therefore less noticable than the ps3.

Have another look at the video I posted earlier, and you will see just how bad bf3 input lag is.
It's not just on the start to aim part, but also on the stop aiming part.

Now if you are not experiencing this, they horray for you.
If you magically know to stop aiming before you get to the target to compensate, again, horray for you.
It doesn't change the fact that the controls are not as crisp on the ps3 as they are on xbox or pc.

Also, try changing your screen resoloution in your ps3 settings to 576/480 and play for 30mins like that.
I did, and was blown away by just how responsive everything was. That's how I know for a fact that there is something extremely wrong with the ps3 build of the game. Changing the tv settings make 720/1080 resoloutions better, but 576/480 will always be more responsive till EA/dice actually fix the issue.
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Re:Battlefield 3 Input Lag 9 years 9 months ago #6245

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About that video you embedded:

I know this doesn't help anything by offering mere opinions without fact, but I find it it very unlikely that BC2 has faster response time than MW2. Even in it's current state, this is how I view response time for those 3 games (all of which I own and have played).

MW2 > BF3 > BC2

I know just expressing feelings means nothing, but I find it absurd that MW2 has slower response time than BC2 according to his tets. So the only conclusion I can come up with is that TV make/model just sucks. If we took a poll of the MW2 community and BC2 community, asked only the players who have played both to rate which had faster response times, I would bet money the vast majority, by a very large margin, would rate MW2 being faster. So it seems this whole input lag issue really is just for specific TV owners then, and is being blown out of proportion.
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Re:Battlefield 3 Input Lag 9 years 9 months ago #6246

How fast the game plays, and how 'responsive' it is isn't the question here.

Personally, I feel that BC2 was always faster than MW2 in input lag terms, but the character moves more quickly and there seems to be more aim assists in MW2 which make it 'feel' faster and more responsive.

The issue is definately in the lag for the controls.
The only test for that is what was done in that video.

I may just have to borrow my friends MW2 again, and perform these tests myself, although I can almost garrentee that it will have similar results.
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Re:Battlefield 3 Input Lag 9 years 9 months ago #6247

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OK. So the clear answer I am getting from you is that all PS3 players have an extraordinary amount of input lag compared to the Xbox/PC. Let's assume this to be fact.

Alright then, so what?
1. Are you upset because the lag means you're at a disadvantage compared to the other systems, making your stats suffer vs. your Xbox/PC friends?
2. Are you upset because you actually play on all 3 systems and think, "Aw fuck, I wanted to spend an equal 33% of my gaming time on PS3 BF3, but now I can't"?
3. Or are you genuinely upset that the PS3 lag makes the game unplayable?

Now, I'm going to assume it's not 1 or 2. So that leaves 3. I am getting the impression from you that the game feels unplayable or broken. I guess I am finding that hard to believe. I don't feel the gaming speed is perfect by any means, but it is definitely something I can live with and adjust to. Pretend all 3 systems were the same: would you still be so unhappy?

Not to rub salt in your eyes, but did you ever consider that this problem may be compounded by using the FragNstein? Despite all my cheekiness, I am honestly trying to understand your position and help out (otherwise I wouldn't be writing such long replies). Mind posting your exact firmware, exact settings (in-game, mouse speed, deadzone, ADS).

I think you are the same person from other posts, but I should make it clear again that I have had much more problems with over-aiming (which seems to fit the description of the main problem you are having with the game) precisely SINCE switching to the new 3.55 BF3 Pro firmware, which I didn't have with older versions. I will try a few more days of tweaking, but I believe the newer firmware gives noticeably better smoothness but at the cost of over-aiming.
If I can't get things to feel good with the new firmware, I would conclude that the game has unplayable input lag as well. Yet I didn't feel that way with the 3.53 BC2 firmware, which wasn't perfect either, but definitely was playable and competitive for me.

Half a second of input lag you say? That is a tremendous amount, and would indeed make competitive gaming nearly impossible. I am a person who loves stats, so I'm just showing them to prove a point. I have earned between a 2.21 and 2.47 KD in the past month (I take weekly records of my stats) so I would say the game is more than playable. Even if this input lag exists, it still feels more responsive to me (yes without proof) than BC2 by far, but less than COD games. Somewhere right in the middle. Yes, adapt is the best advice I can give. Stop using the new firmware and try other ones. Just because Tuact custom made it does not make it the best for your needs. In my mind they made it very smooth by slowing things down. But by doing that, we have to compensate by turning in-game settings way up (which is why some ppl choose 100%) just in order to spin effectively. But this in turn makes us over-aim.

If every PS3 player has this lag, we are all equal. If it were truly 1/2 a second of lag, I don't think anyone would play the game at all, and there would be thousands upon thousands of complaints about the lag, which there aren't. Or heck, maybe it IS 1/2 a second lag, and magically I have become a better gamer because of it.

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Re:Battlefield 3 Input Lag 9 years 9 months ago #6248

Firstly I don't give a damn about stats...
I care that the game is fun, playable and consistant.
My K/D is currently only .75, but is slowly making it's way back up from arround 0.4 when the input lag was at over 1/2 second...
I'm certainly not a top 1% player, but I'm certainly not normally a bottom 1% either. I like to be in the top 1/3 of the server, and try to keep a minimum 1:1 k/d ratio.

Secondly, the PS3 will never play the same as a PC.
The closest game to do that would be UT3 with keyboard and mouse plugged into the ps3 and setup accordingly as it's one of the only games to support that configuration.
However, the PS3 can and should be a better playing experience than the xbox.

If you had read through the posts as you claim to have, you would see that the I used to have 1/2 second of lag, and that then the game most certainly was unplayable then.

After turning off "TruMotion" (Which never affected ANY other game) it is now down to a much better approx .15 seconds. And now I'm actually able to play the game and have fun with it.

Yet still, if I switch the playstation settings to 576/480, it is better again, which just proves that there is an issue in the game code.
I can't play it at that resoloution as it hurts my eyes to try and see people, but there are plenty of people who do just to get an advantage.

As this is a KNOWN bug by EA / Dice, there is nothing that can be further done than what I have already done to reduce the issue.

As for my firmware settings, I'm using Simon-says-die's settings (except without remapping the buttons), and they work brilliantly. Equally so for BC2 and BF1943 as well. Any overaiming I experience now, most people do, and is the same as if I used a dualshock anyway (which I do if I want to fly alot).
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Re:Battlefield 3 Input Lag 9 years 9 months ago #6249

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I never said the games in question were "faster". I always used the word "faster/slower response". You may have misunderstood my intention of controller response speed with actual player awareness speed, so I should have clearly said that. I meant "time-from-pressing-button-or-controller-to-actual-player-movement" which can be interpreted as input lag. I can not see how you think MW2 has slower controller-to-on-screen-movement response time than BC2...

Ok, so you ARE using the super-high settings. This is exactly why you over-aim still. But you like it, so that's great.

Here's my suggestion next time you think about this topic on other forums:
"Input-lag exists for PS3 players who own a XXXXX-TV with "tru-motion". Turn it off to get rid of the lag."

That would have been quick and easy, no?
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Re:Battlefield 3 Input Lag 8 years 1 month ago #11457

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Input lag exist on bf3 in ps3 and i quite this game for this issue.
I have some friends that have exactly the same issue but they decide to continue to play on.
In fact, people who enjoy this game don't mean that input lag don't exist on bf3 in ps3.

I hope bf4 on ps4 won't be the same ;)
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