About Us

Tuact Corp. Ltd. produces high quality gaming peripherals for gamer ranging from novice, mid-level and professional level since 2008. Our products are designed to elevate the users gaming performance with significant results quickly and effectively. Our products are made with the highest quality components available, workmanship and QC standards.

As the leader in electronic design and gaming products, Tuact Corp. Ltd. always strives to make creative, high end, and most advanced gaming accessories with cutting edge technology. We collect feedback from gamer all around the world to improve our products versatility and quality.

Our goal is not only setting the bar but creating an unseen industry standard then besting our previous goals for our customers satisfaction. Tuact Corp Ltd. takes pride in creating the highest performing and durable products.

Our Support Team provides all of our customers with 365 days a year active technical support.  Our dedication is unrivaled in the industry.

If you need more information, please contact us at:

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