Venom-X4 APP Relase Notes



Venom-X4 APP for Android Release Notes

4.  Ver 2.1.3 (2017-11-10)

    - Fixed few bugs that short the installation


3.  Ver 2.1.2 (2017-11-8)

    - Added the Anti-Recoil adjustment


2.  Ver 2.1.0 (2017-10-26) 

    - The brand new WiFi connecting method has

      changed from last version.

      User needs to re-pair the Transceiver to

      App. Refer to the new App Instruction on

      our website:

     - Faster data transmission speed

     - Added the game name text on the Config

       and Layout window.

     - Added the WiFi signal strength indicator.

     - Fixed the bug that cause some game logos

       didn't show up.


1.  Ver 1.2    (2017-01-20)      

      The first released version.